Valentines Day Activities

It's the run up to Valentine's Day and I'm excited about all the crafts I have up my sleeve for little Bee to enjoy. I have a list of things we did last year as well as a few pins saved on Pinterest. Valentines are some of my favourite crafts and I love all the … Continue reading Valentines Day Activities

Learning shapes

Shapes are one of the earliest mathematical skills that kids learn about and there are a whole load of fun and interesting games and activities out there on the Internet. We've been looking at shapes a lot recently and we've done a few fun activities. A lot of the shape activities I found can be … Continue reading Learning shapes

carrot and orange hummus

This hummus is a favourite in our house, it's super quick, easy and I often whiz some up if I'm looking for something nutritious and tasty for a snack. Its dairy and egg free too! This is one of those 'throw everything into the blender' recipes, so it can be thrown together if your short … Continue reading carrot and orange hummus

Dairy free snacks.

Little B is in an unfortunate situation where he is unable to consume any kind of dairy or eggs. Poor little mite! Anyone who has any experience with these allergies, or anyone who is super concious about what goes into our food will know that these two things are added to many processed foods. Dairy … Continue reading Dairy free snacks.