Our weaning essentials

** All products were bought with my own money and the words are completely my own opinion **

Our weaning journey has been very different the second time around. Little Bee took to eating like a duck to water. Baby Bee on the other hand is as fussy as they come. She won’t eat most regular ‘family’ meals I make (such as spag bol) but prefers spicy foods and strong flavours like olive tapenade. She eats very little and at nearly 13 months, this stresses me out a little. I try not to stress at the dinner table as I don’t want to transfer those feelings over to her and its hard. I try to make mealtimes as lighthearted and relaxed as possible.

Mealtimes are important in our house and we sit down together at the table for all our meals. It sounds totally cliche but I love sitting down as a family and chatting about our day.

Food is life after all!!

Ive put together a small list of weaning products which have made my life a little easier during our weaning process.

Bamboo bamboo plates/bowl

I love these Bamboo Bamboo plates and bowls, they’re Eco friendly, they stick to the table and they’re super cute. What more do you need?

I bought these when there was an Amazon deal on so got some money off. We use them daily and I like how they are sectioned, this allows me to keep sweet and savoury foods apart. They are made from bamboo and have silicone suction discs on the bottom to keep them stuck to the table/high chair.

I feel making conscious decisions about the things we buy is becoming increasingly important. There is so much information about the damage plastics are doing to our environment and our health, yet the vast majority of kids dinner wear on the market is made of plastic so its nice to discover a good product which is not made of plastic.

Silicone stretchy cup lids

Theses are the most practical and useful things I have bought in a long time! These handy lids are made of silicone and they stretch over the top of any glass/cup. I use these in the house and I always take one when we’re out and about. They save so much room in the lunch bag and Baby bee can use them really easily.

Full apron bibs

These are (mostly) a life saver for keeping clothes clean and dry. I do however need to keep a close eye on bub while she’s wearing them though as she pulls the sleeve and manages to get her arm out. Resulting in food all over her clothes! we got ours when little Bee was a baby and we’re reusing them. We got them from Ikea and they wash really well, I’m sure they were suer cheap too.

Reusable pouches

When little Bee was a baby, we used baby food pouches all the time for convenience and ease when we were out and often at home to make life a little easier.  I decided this time that I wouldn’t be buying pouches (although I have bought a couple and we got a few from the amazing babese when we went to a weaning workshop in London.) The reusable pouches are from a company called wee sprout and i got them from amazon. they’re easy to fill and easy to clean. I pop in purees, porridge and smoothies. They work a treat and are so handy.

Reusable wipes

Again these were another Eco conscious purchase to help us reduce our household waste. I was finding we were going through multiple packets of wipes each week so I switched to reusable wipes and I much prefer using them now.

flourishing little mind


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