A day at the beach



The Sea

© Shirley Fudge

Gentle lulling of the sea,
Once again you beckon me.
Caressing waves upon the shore 
Transporting me to years of yore.
As a child, your charm I sought,
Protecting me from battles fought.
Upon your craggy cliff I sat
To gaze in awe and wonder at
The magic of your shimmering tide
That restored ease and peace inside.


Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-sea




For the past few weeks everyone in our house has been ill. Today was the day we were all going to go crazy if we didn’t get out the house! So we packed up the kids stuff and headed to the beach. Little bee took his bike and cycled up and down the promenade before we went down to explore the sand. We collected beach treasure and had ice creams. The sun even had his hat on for a while. Never underestimate the power of fresh sea air! It done us all wonders.





Flourishing Little Mind



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