Voksi footmuff (gifted)

We were recently lucky enough to win a competition on Instagram to review and keep a cosy Voksi footmuff for tiny bees pram. I sent our details to natural baby shower and we were promptly sent our new footmuff a few days later. It came just in time, as there was a real cold snap in Scotland the week after we received it!

The package arrived and tiny bee helped me to open it. The footmuff arrived in its own storage bag which is sturdy and would be ideal for traveling.

The Voksi footmuff comes in three parts. The back panel which attaches to the back of the pram and has holes to put the shoulder and waist straps through. The footmuff also comes with two front panels, a small size and a large size. We are currently using the small size (tiny bee is nearly 13 months old) and it fits well onto the pram. The larger size is a lot bigger and will do her until she doesn’t need the pram anymore. I had never seen any products from this company before and when I looked into it on their website I discovered that it can also be used as a sleeping bag. We’re off to a music festival in the summer so this will be perfect for tiny bee to sleep in when we’re camping.

The Voksi footmuff is super thick and cosy and is perfect for the colder months. I already had the manufacturers footmuff for our pram and I feel it’s really thin in comparison. I would always have to pop a blanket around her legs inside it.

The Voksi one is feather filled and super warm and there have been occasions when she’s fallen asleep and I’ve had to pop her in the pram without a jacket and this hasn’t been a problem. She stays warm and is always toasty when I take her out.

The back panel of the footmuff has a fur trimmed hood and the fur can be removed. The hood also has a toggle to allow you to make it super cosy around your little ones head.

I received the olive green colour and I love it. The little penguin head rest is super cute too!

I would say the only downside I found was that the anti slip panels on the back of the footmuff are not hugely effective. I find it still slides down a little and I need to adjust it when I put her in. But aside from that I absolutely love this product! It’s amazing quality, it’s hard wearing, it’s super warm, wind and rain proof and it looks really good. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have asked about it and commented how cosy it looks.

we definitely love this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality and cosy footmuff.

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