Halloween crafts

It’s no secret that halloween crafts are my favourite thing to do in autumn and we had loads of fun doing them last year. I love the colours and the spooky themes and there are hundreds of ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. We joined a 31 day halloween challenge on instagram and we completed a craft/activity each day based around the hashtag for that day. Ive put together my 5 favourite crafts from the challenge and hope you might give one or more a try.

Pumpkin number printing



These pumpkin prints are really easy to make and great for counting practice, they also look super cute on the wall. I cut out strips of green paper and wrote numbers 1-10 on them. We then used a bottle cork and stamped the correct number of circles onto the strips of paper using orange paint. Once the paint was dry I drew around the circles and added details to make pumpkins.

Wizard/Witches wand


Magical wands are always a hit in our house! We normally find some good sticks when we go out for a woodland walk and then let them dry out at home. Once dry we just collect some bits from the craft box and off we go. We used string, pipe cleaners, feathers, paint and glitter for these ones. It’s an easy activity to let him get on with himself (while I make dinner, do dishes or any other job that needs done) or I can sit down and make one too. ‘Swish and flick’

Spider web decorations


Little Bee really enjoyed making these spider webs and spent a long time winding the string around the sticks. We just glued (with a glue gun) the sticks together and once they were dry, little Bee added the string. I did a demonstration to give him an idea of how to wind the string around. Once he was done we stuck some foamy spider shapes on. We made 5 or 6 of these last year for Halloween and hung them on door handles around the house.

Mummy wool prints


I’ve seen this idea loads on Pinterest and decided it looked like fun. I cut out some Mummy shapes with some sturdy cardboard and wrapped garden string around them. I secured the ends with a glue gun and let the glue dry. Little bee then dipped them into white paint and did some printing onto black paper. We added some googly eyes to finish them off and I think they look fab! Little bee was really pleased with them too.

Bat mobile


This took a bit of adult preparation and help to complete but we had loads of fun doing it. Before we started the activity I collected all the bits together and cut out some bat shapes using black craft foam sheets. Little bee decorated the bats using glitter and googly eyes. While he was decorating the bats I took an embroidery hoop (you get these in craft shops like hobby craft) and wrapped black and white ribbon around it. Once the bats were dry I threaded embroidery floss through the top of the bats and then attached the other end of the floss to the embroidery hoop. I carried on doing this until they were all secure. The end result is really effective and we got lots of comments on it when people were round.

Flourishing little mind


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