Our 5 favourite days out in central scotland

  1. Glasgow science centre / transport museum

  2. Edinburgh botanic gardens 

  3. National museum of Scotland (Edinburgh)

  4. Kids town role play (Stirling)

  5. Jupiter artland (Edinburgh)

Glasgow Science Centre

We love the science centre in Glasgow. We’ve had annual passes for the past two years and will probably renew them again next year. There’s always so much to do and they’re forever changing the displays and exhibits so there’s always something new to see and do when you get there. Theres an under 7’s area which has loads of interactive displays including a large water way which we always need to bribe little Bee away from.

They have a cafe in the centre which sells hot meals as well as sandwiches and snacks, they also have a large packed lunch/picnic area if you decide to take your own lunch along.


Transport museum

Now, I put the transport museum along with the science centre because we often visit these two places on the same day as they are so close. Its just a short drive from the science centre. The museum displays an abundance of different modes of transport from different times in history as well as modern transport. We would normally spend an hour or two in the museum but no more. The museum also has a cafe which serves a variety of sandwiches and snacks.

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens

I absolutely love the botanic gardens! I love wandering around and enjoying the sights and fresh(er) air. I always imagine taking a flask of tea and a book and chilling on the grass one afternoon.. However small children have other plans! (one day). I love seeing all the different plants and flowers and the green houses are amazing! If you take a picnic it’s such a cheap day out too. You could spend the day wandering amongst the trees, plants and foliage.


National Museum of Scotland

The national museum is one of our absolute favourite days out. We often find ourselves on the train heading for the capital for a day out at the museum. There’s so much to do and its free! Whats not to love? They have something for all ages and little Bee is always so busy when he’s there. They hold special events throughout the year showcasing different things from culture, science and nature, plus loads more. We normally take a picnic along with us and this saves money, although I am partial to a cheeky cuppa in the cafe.  There is a restaurant available on the basement floor which we have even in before and the food is good but we prefer to take our own food along.

Kidz town role play centre

This role play centre in Stirling has just recently opened and is AMAZING! Little bee loved our visit last month and we are already planning our next visit. The centre has 14 role play areas from post office to camp site and they are packed with fantastic resources and equipment.  They have real fish and hamsters in their vet area! Theres loads of depressing up too and what little one doesn’t love a good dress up?


Jupiter artland

We had been intending to go to Jupiter Artland for longer than i can remember and we just never got around to it, however we managed to go this summer and OMG! We loved it! There are so may amazing things to see around the grounds. My mind was blown as we were walking round.

Jupiter Artland is a large outdoor art gallery with various large and small sculptures and exhibitions. this year (2018) is the 10th anniversary of the gallery and there was information and photographs all around the park showing past sculptures and art work. (i believe they change the exhibits each year) I cannot describe or explain how cool this place is, it’s really one of these places that needs to be seen in real life. There is a cafe which had a host of yummy rustic items on the menu, including vegan/dairy free/gluten free options. The kids options also got a big thumbs up from little Bee. I can’t wait to visit again and look forward to seeing some new and exciting artworks.

flourishing little mind


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