4 Seasons printable

4 seasons matching

I’m always on the lookout for new printables to add to our bank of learning resources at home and often search Pinterest for specific topics we’re interested in. I really like ones with real photographs and have a few of these saved on my various Pinterest boards as well as printed out to use with little Bee.

I decided recently to try and make some of my own and this way I would be able to tailor them to our interests and what we are learning about. However, I had no idea where to start! There is so much information and so many different editing sites online I was completely lost. After a lot of reading and trying out a few different editing sites i finally found one i liked and could use! SO i got to work trying out the different features and navigating around the site.

Little Bee has been learning about seasons at nursery recently and has been bringing some of his learning home, asking about the seasons and what happens in each. In the past we’ve made pictures relating to each of the seasons, played with seasonal themed play dough and been out on spring/autumn walks. I wanted to make an activity where little Bee has to identify different seasonal things/words but couldn’t find one I liked and so this prompted me to finally give a printable a go.

I decided to make a printable with words and pictures from the 4 seasons so he can compare the different seasons and identify the differences in each. I wanted to include the words for each picture in order to encourage his early literacy skills.

I printed the flashcards then cut them out and laminated them to use but it would work on card too without being laminated. They just may not last so long.


******you can download the seasons printable  HERE******


I hope you find them useful and easy to use.

Flourishing Little Mind


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