Cloth nappies


So recently I have become more aware of the many environmental issues in todays world and in particular the use of plastic and the effect it has on our planet (thank you Sir Dave). After watching Blue Planet 2, I was horrified at the state the oceans are in and I wondered what I as a single person could do to lessen my negative impact on both oceans and the land.

After a lot of reading on the subject of plastic use, i ended up down a rabbit hole with masses of information which was rather overwhelming. it seemed the planet was doomed and there was nothing which could be done. But after  lot of thought and deliberation i began to change little things which would make an impact (a small one, but an impact none the less). I began to take my reusable coffee cup whenever I left the house incase I decided to stop at the coffee shop when out and about. I started taking a water bottle with me to stop me buying bottled water. I keep a fold away shopper in my bag at all times for when i pop into the shop.

A few weeks ago it was Real nappy week 2018 and this encouraged me to look up information on reusable nappies. I joined some nappy pages on FB and searched online for lots of information on costs, how to use, environmental impact and benefits for babies. After a good few weeks of trying to weigh up the pros and cons I finally took the plunge and ordered some nappies. I also contacted my local nappy library and borrowed a selection of nappies from them. This is a fantastic option if available as it allows you to try out different nappies without paying for them and being stuck with them if you decide they aren’t for you.

Im glad to say we hit the ground running and baby Bee was happy with the change which did’nt seem to bother her in the slightest. I really like using cloth now too as i know I’m saving lots of disposable nappies from landfill and I’m happy in the knowledge that they are much comfier and softer than disposables for baby’s bottom. Cloth nappies were always something I thought about when little bee was a baby but we just never got around to making the change and now i regret it. The thought of all his disposable nappies still on a landfill somewhere makes me cringe.

We still use disposables at night time and i take a couple with me when we are out and about for emergencies but we mainly use cloth now.

Cloth nappies aren’t for everyone but if you’ve been thinking of making the swap but are put off by cost or washing them, I would definitely recommend contacting your local nappy library for some information! They have loads of resources and info to pass on!

Flourishing little mind


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