10 little pumpkins printable

I spoke in a previous post about the importance of early numeracy for children and how it builds a  foundation for learning later in primary school. I try to incorporate numbers and counting in everyday things we do, such as counting the steps when going up and down, looking for numbers when we’re out and about and ensuring that he has access to books with numbers. There are endless opportunities in everyday life to involve children in counting and once they get started, there’s no stopping them.

As well as counting and numbers, little bee loves listening to and singing songs, he especially loves when there are actions or props to use too. He has been learning lots of new number songs at nursery and often comes home singing these at the end of the day.  Since halloween is fast approaching I thought we would learn some new ones to sing at home.

Pumpkin songs:

I made these pumpkin props to go along with the pumpkin themed halloween songs we’ve been learning together. They go from number 1-10 and there are two blank pumpkins for writing on too. We hope you find these useful!




*10 little pumpkins printable can be downloaded here.*

Flourishing Little Mind 


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