Our long haul travel essentials for kids

**there are links to products in this post and these are simply to show exactly what products we had and not intended as links to buy.


plane2We recently went on a long haul flight to South Africa and it was VERY tiring! We traveled for 16 hours each way and this meant we needed a LOT of things to keep little bee occupied. The airline provided kids bags with activities but these were aimed at older children with harder activities like word searches and cross words, so i’m really glad we packed our own distractions and activities for the long journey. Little Bee was actually a superstar travelling both ways. He got a little unsettled on the way to South Africa but this was due to unwillingness to use the toilet on the flight, but apart from this he was good as gold. The flight attendant staff were all amazing with him too, they chatted to him and when he was being antsy on the way, one of the flight attendants came and took him for a walk around the plane for 10 minutes which really helped to settle him.



Our 6 travel essentials


Little Bee was lucky enough to get a Trunkie from his auntie and uncle for his birthday this year and it is one of the best things we had for travelling. It is so useful and fun to use, It kept all of little bee’s essential travel items and it kept him entertained and occupied in the airport. He pulled it along himself, he was happy to ride on it and he sat on it while we waited in lines. There are so many different cute designs to choose from but little bee chose the bus design (surprise surprise) when given a choice of a few. We were actually able to cram LOADS into the trunkie including soft toys, books, a play doh set,  small figures, playing cards, pens and pencils, pyjamas, snacks and activity books.



This one is self explanatory… I filled up his little bumble bee lunch bag with lots of goodies and snacks and it was bursting at the seams with food. We bought packets of mini biscuits, raisins, dried fruit and some mini packets of buttons (for bribery).

Sticker/activity books with pens/pencils

Little Bee got a few activity books for his birthday and these were a lifesaver! We took two of these books with us and he spent ages using these on the flight. We took a sticker activity book and a dry erase, wipe clean book and they were used loads both on the flight and when we were on holiday. The sticker book has drawing and colouring activities as well as sticker ones and little Bee loved completing these. Both books provide a wide range of activities to keep little people busy.


We found a fab play doh travel activity pouch in one of our local supermarkets and it was really good, It was filled with play doh, crayons, cutters and small colouring sheets. when we opened it, i was really surprised about the amount of items in the pouch. Im sure we only paid £2 for it too so it was a bargain.


We didn’t have headphones for little bee before we left for our holiday so we ended up buying him a pair at the airport. We actually got headphones on the plane for the on flight entertainment but it was useful to have them to plug into my kindle fire. We dowloaded amazon fire for kids so there were lots of games and audiobooks to listen to which was great as another form of distraction when he got bored with other things. He wanted to listen to this when he was tired and about to go to sleep so I’m really glad we got the headphones.

Neck pillow

We borrowed some neck pillows from Little Bee’s auntie and they were so useful. He used an elephant one as a neck pillow, a regular pillow and also for cuddling. It had a clip on it so was easily attached to my bag to carry around.


These are just a few of the items i found to be extremely useful when travelling with a three year old.. I would love to hear any other items you found helpful when travelling with a little one.

Flourishing little mind





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