Valentines Day Activities

It’s the run up to Valentine’s Day and I’m excited about all the crafts I have up my sleeve for little Bee to enjoy. I have a list of things we did last year as well as a few pins saved on Pinterest. Valentines are some of my favourite crafts and I love all the hearts and colours. We’ve covered a lot of fine motor activities this week and little bee has enjoyed them all and brushing up on his skills.

I’ve put together a list of the activities we enjoyed this week:


Valentines day dough

We used pink dough and lots of crafty bits and tools. He absolutely loved this activity and sat for well over an hour playing and creating. Its super easy to throw together too. I even managed to sneak away from the table to make dinner! winner!

I got this white tray from the £1 shop and it has been so useful for crafty activities as we use it all the time. We also used pom poms, craft sticks, sequins, foam heart shapes, scissors, candles, mini rolling pins and an ‘I love you’ toast press.


Valentines cards

I saw this idea loads on Pinterest on the run up to Valentines Day and I thought it would be a cute idea to make for daddy Bee. I cut up the scraps of paper and little bee stuck them down. We used a blue foam heart shape and stuck it down to a card before little Bee stuck the scraps on.


I found these cute printable sheep on Hello wonderful. I just printed them off, cut them out and stuck them down to card. Little Bee then stuck the pom poms on. These turned out super cute and the recipients thought so too.


Love heart bird feeders 

I found these on Kids craft room and their super simple to make. All you need are pipe cleaners, Cheerios and ribbon. Little Bee particularly enjoyed munching on the Cheerios in between making them.


Valentines painting

We just used red and pink paint for this and toilet roll tubes to make the heart shapes.. so simple and quick to set up. I had to sit with him while he did this as he has a habit of painting everything but the paper when left to his own devices. I think it turned out well and it is now on display on our kitchen wall.


Blueberry and strawberry skewers

I found this idea on Pinterest and its from the Eats amazing site. I love this site! its jam packed with great kid recipes and i always find inspiration for new recipe ideas when I’m stuck in a rut.

These blueberry and strawberry skewers are cute and fun to eat.



Now these aren’t particularly for valentines, I just used pink and red to make it fit. He played with these three days in a row and they kept him busy in the morning when i was making breakfast.

We just used waterbeads, magnetic letters and toddler tools from learning resources which i ordered from amazon.


Love heart puppets 

I got the idea of these puppets from Creative Family fun. I loved them as soon as i saw them and thought little Bee would enjoy making them. I was right! He spent ages making these. He enjoyed sticking on all the little fiddly crafty bits. We have a box full of sequins, google eyes, foam bits, and glittery bits. I put these out and little Bee stuck them on. We then used craft sticks and stuck them to the back to make puppets.

Books we enjoyed:

  • Guess how much i love you
  • I love my Mummy


Flourishing Little Mind


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