Our 10 potty training tips

I recently posted about our potty training experience with little Bee and how it kind of just happened with no major input from myself and his daddy.


So we started potty training in July after little Bee started showing an interest in using the potty at home and he’s now no longer using nappies or pull ups at all….yipee.. he’s now in big boy pants at night time and is staying dry until morning. He wakes once or twice through the night to use the toilet and only occasionally has an accident.

Now… i am no expert on potty  training but i thought i would share some of the things we did to help and encourage little Bee to use the toilet.


  • Keep a potty around the house in sight all the time.

    We bought a potty when little Bee was around 15 months old and kept it in the bathroom where he could see it. Sometimes he would take it downstairs to the living room and we would just leave it there for a while.

  • Go with their signs and signals.

    Little Bee started showing interest one afternoon in the potty and we just ran with it. After he used the potty the first couple of times we praised and encouraged him to use it again and this seemed to work.

  • Give them plenty time to get used to the potty with no restrictions.

    We took 3 days out of a week in July and stayed at home to practice using the potty. Little Bee stayed in his birthday suit all day long and we stayed in the house and garden. This gave him the freedom to use the potty without having to worry about getting trousers down on time. Now…we had a lot pee over the floors in those early days, but he was trying and was well aware he needed to go, so those were the most important things.

  • Buy lots of pants.

    Pretty self explanatory but we went through a lot of pants in the early days.

  • Be brave when out and about.

    Little Bee wore a pull up when we were out and about for the first week or so but most of the time he was coming home dry so we took the extra step and stopped putting them on him. He still had the odd accident but we just tried to take him to use the toilet whenever one was available to try and ensure he didn’t get to that bursting for the toilet feeling. After a few months he started telling us he needed to go and we didn’t need to visit every toilet in the land anymore.

  • Talk about it a lot.

    This one seems pretty obvious but if you keep talking about it, it really encourages them. We started telling little Bee how mummy and daddy didn’t need nappies and that we got up through the night to use the toilet if we needed to go. I have no idea if this had any impact on him but he soon started waking up shouting that he needed a pee pee.

  • Waterproof mattress protector.

    When Little Bee stopped using pulls ups at night time, we bought a waterproof mattress protector and I’m so glad we did because he’s had a couple of accidents through the night and it saves the bed getting soaked right through.

  • Bribery.

    Now this one is probably a little controversial but it worked for us!! In the early days he would test the waters  A LOT and pee everywhere apart from the potty. we would get his trousers down and he would pee in the floor next to the potty or on the wall, so we would bribe him to use the potty with trips to the park or a trip to the toy shop for a look. This one probably isn’t for everyone but as i said it worked for us.

  • Use something to distract them when on the potty.

    We found this helped a lot when little Bee was sitting a while waiting. We would give him books, magazines or pop the TV on (depending where we were) and this helped to keep him sitting until he was done.

  • Try to relax and don’t get stressed.

    All children are different and develop in their own unique way so try not to get stressed out if it doesn’t happen straight away. I mean all children DO eventually work it out but some do it really quickly and others take a little longer, but remember it will happen at one point. Its best not to push it and let them take it at their own pace.


I know these ideas won’t suit everyone but these are the things we did and they really seemed to work for us and i hope they maybe help someone else looking for tips.

Good luck!

Flourishing Little Mind


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