Enchanted forest adventure

This weekend we decided to go on a little adventure. We had tickets to the enchanted forest on Saturday and Mr bee had Friday off work, so we decided to pack up the car and drive north.

We booked a B&B in Grandtown on Spay and headed off with lots on snacks and things to keep little Bee occupied… turns out we didn’t need them as he slept all the way. It took us 3 hours to get there but the scenery on the way is beautiful so we didn’t mind much.

When we arrived we had a wander around and found somewhere for dinner and then went round and booked into our B&B. That night we went for a walk and then settled down for the night.

After we had breakfast the next morning we headed back out on the road and made our way down to Aviemore, where we went for a nice autumnal walk and then stopped for a spot of lunch.

We were soon back on the road and heading for Pitlochry where we would be staying the night.

Pitlochry is a cosy and inviting little town which is charming and magical during the autumn months. It becomes bustling with visitors and tourists, many of which are there to visit the enchanted forest which takes place is fiscally woods.


The woods are transformed with a stunning light show which changes each year.


This year the theme was shimmer and what a spectacular show it was. The woods host a number of activities as well as the light and music displays.

So.. we hopped on the bus at the pick up point in Pitlochry and drove the short distance to the woods. Once off the bus we entered the enchanted forest and our first stop was the story telling hut.

The small circular hut was snug and cosy when we entered. The ceiling was adorned with fairy lights and all around the walls were embroidered tapestries with scenes from stories. We took our spot on one of the hay bales and little bee sat on a log and we got ready to listen.


The storyteller had invited a friend from Finland to come and tell a traditional Finnish fairytale. We listened to the sing song story and the storyteller translated it into English. It was such a great experience for Little bee and we were extremely lucky because it was a one off story telling event at the forest. We said our thanks and left the cosy little hut behind to go and explore the rest of the woods.

There are plenty stops for refreshments and we stopped at the very beginning and got some hot drinks to get us through.

Now the actual light and music show is really something that needs to be seen in real life as photographs really don’t do it any justice. It is just stunning! Completely mesmerising at points and each part is so different from the last. We walked around the woods and little bee was looking around at everything and pointing out all the colours. One of our favourite parts of the forest was an interactive light display which you walked through as the lights changed colour. It was so amazing!

We stopped at a small fire pit where they were selling marshmallows on sticks and toasted them for the final walk around.






The walk took us around 1 hour and that was stopping for a toilet break and toasted marshmallows. The organisers recommend that you walk around twice incase you missed anything the first time around but little bee was exhausted and needed his bed so we headed back to the bus after one time around the woods. We had a short wait before our bus pulled up and and we piled on for the short journey back to Pitlochry and bed.

I would highly recommend anyone in Scotland who is able to travel to go and experience the enchanted forest. We had the best time and I’m looking forward to our next visit. It’s something that all ages can enjoy and should!!

Flourishing little mind


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