Potty training

So we’ve been working hard and focusing on potty training for the past few months.

2016-07-27 18.43.18.png

We’ve been extremely lucky with little bee and he’s taken to using the toilet really quickly.

We weren’t actually planning on potty training until Christmas time when little bee will be closer to 3. However he had different ideas and decided he quite fancied using the toilet.. declaring ‘nappies for babies’. I was really surprised because he was only 2 yrs and 4 months.

He had his nappy off one Sunday afternoon and decided he was going to use the potty so we just ran with it, not wanting to discourage his efforts. We stayed at home for 4 days after this with little bee running around with no clothes on and he really seemed to enjoy his new found ‘freedom’.

We decided to use pull ups the first few times when venturing out, however he was coming home dry so we quickly scrapped that. We still have the occasional accident.. especially when he goes to nursery because he gets so involved and engrossed in playing he often forgets to go but overall he’s doing so well!

He’s still in nappies at night time and I have no idea when I should think about keeping the nappy off at bed time! Does anyone else have tips or advice about this?


Flourishing little mind



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