Easy toddler activities

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy activity to keep the small human in your life busy while you get on with dishes or cooking! I often find myself throwing activities together to keep Little Bee busy while i tackle the mounting chaos in the house! Sometimes i just need 5 minutes to hoover or fold clothes but he has other ideas most of the time.

I’ve put together a small list of our go to activities to keep Little Bee busy for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.. (its amazing what a parent can get done in 5 minutes!)

veggie printing

  1. Vegetable printing  : This one may require a little supervision, however i find he can get on with it himself at least for a short time before he starts painting everything else but the paper. I think when you introduce something other that brushes it keeps their attention for a while longer. Just make sure there are plenty messy mats or in our case.. shower curtains to cover the surfaces.

water beads

2. Water beads :  These are one of my favourite sensory materials to use with Little Bee. I just pop them into a container, add a few utensils and he’s kept occupied for a long time. He always ends up adding his own resources too.. more often that not he goes off to find a dump truck or a lorry to transport them around. But spoons, scoops, cups and other kitchen utensils work a treat.

rice krispies

3. Cereal construction yard : I first put this activity together for Little Bee’s 2nd birthday but on a much smaller scale. Its easy to throw together when you’re busy and is really effective. I use a large clear under bed box, throw in half a box of cheap rice krispies and a bunch of diggers.. He really loves this activity but probably has more to do with it doubling up as a snack!

letter matching

4. Letter matching : This is a a good activity to introduce letters to little ones, it’s not about recognising letters but just making them familiar. This activity could be put together an endless number of ways but i used some foam bath letters and drew around them, then asked Little Bee to match them up.

DSC_1545colour matching

5. Colour matching : This is a great activity to introduce basic mathematical concepts, by helping little ones recognise colours and categorise them into groups. We use colour plates or bowls and a set of different coloured items (in this case we used dinosaurs). Ask your little one to put all the same colours together.

colour hunt

6. Colour hunt : This activity is very similar to the previous one, however this one tends to be a little more fun because your little one is able to go on a hunt for colours on their own. Again this encourages colour recognition as well as categorisation. This one always keeps Little Bee busy for a while.

car wash

7. Car wash : This is one of Little Bee’s all time favourite activities! however this one needs to be done in the garden! so if you’ve got some weeding or grass cutting to get done, this is a winner. We’ve had a car wash, train wash, digger wash, lorry wash….. generally a vehicle wash. I’m pretty sure Little Bee would spend a whole afternoon washing his trucks and things if i let him. We just use an under bed box for this one too, add water and soapy bubbles and its good to go.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration and helps you get on with those  pressing jobs that need done!

Flourishing Little Mind


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