Exercise and movement

We recently got started on our tot school journey and the first topic we embarked on was exercise and movement.  With some help from the simply learning website we got well on our way to lots of fun and learning.

I made a list of activities, videos, songs and books related to the topic of exercise and movement and printed these out. I felt by doing this I had a clearer picture of what we were doing and where we were going next.

Heres what we did:


  • Rainbow walking (see below)
  • Balloon tennis
  • ABC action cards (see below) from Home school share
  • Animal action cards
  • Water bead balloon
  • Chalk shape hopscotch (see below)
  • Tickle chase round the house
  • Visit to a play park
  • Tunnel games



  • Sleeping bunnies
  • Heads, shoulders, knees and toes
  • If  your happy and you know it


Videos – you tube

  • 5 a day fitness (see below)
  • Get sporty – jumping (Nina and the neurons – Cbeebies)
  • Toddler yoga









Our next adventure is all about gardening and growing.. We cant wait to share our fun!

Flourishing Little Mind


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