Learning shapes

Shapes are one of the earliest mathematical skills that kids learn about and there are a whole load of fun and interesting games and activities out there on the Internet.

We’ve been looking at shapes a lot recently and we’ve done a few fun activities. A lot of the shape activities I found can be done by using bits and pieces from around the house and are really simple to put together.


Foam shapes – this one went down really well with little bee! the shapes have been going for a good few weeks and he’s still interested  and enjoying using them.



Masking tape shapes – He enjoyed this activity for a little but quickly got bored with it. He was able to identify the simple shapes though.

image Shape soup – this was really simple! I just threw some water beads and the shapes from little bee’s shape sorter into a box of water and gave him some bowls and a ladle and he had a ball.. mostly emptying the water out onto the grass!


2016-03-24 07.40.46

Shape snacks – Its really easy to use shape cutters to cut out breads and throw together a shape snack.



Flourishing little mind



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