Tot school

I’ve been reading a lot into tot school recently and have become more and more interested the more I read and look at ideas.

In essence tot school is a mini curriculum for toddlers and lets you introduce new ideas and topics in a fun way. I am intrigued by the idea of introducing little Bee to lots of new topics and subjects which we may only touch on otherwise. It allows you to look at a topic in depth for a week or two by providing lots of fun activities, games, books, songs and experiences.

Although I work with a curriculum in a pre-school setting, I have never thought to try one with little Bee until it caught my eye on Instagram recently. Simply Learning have a tonne of fabulous resources which includes a ready made tot curriculum which includes lists of activities, songs, games and resources. Their web site is full of information and is definitely worth a good look.

I absolutely love this idea and have already got started on our own personalised curriculum. I have used some of the ideas and resources from the Simply learning web site as well as including many of our own activities based on what I have at home. We are starting with the next Simply Learning topic which is exercise and movement and after this we have a different topic every two weeks to fit around work and nursery.

We’ll keep you updated with our progress!

Flourishing Little Mind


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