Little hands helping in the kitchen

I’ve been asking Little Bee to help in the kitchen a lot more recently and he loves it. Whether it’s getting items out the fridge for me or baking biscuits, he gets really involved and seems to really enjoy it.

This is what I get him involved in:

1. Getting milk, butter, cheese and other items out the fridge.
2. Cutting up bananas (with a butter knife).
3. Making simple biscuits or bakes (he enjoys stirring the mix)
4. He ‘measures’ out dry items when baking (I get him to put one spoon in at a time until we have enough)
5. Washing the dishes (he likes to stand on a chair and wash his own plates and cups)
6. Washing fruits and vegetables before we use them.
7. Looking at cook books together and asking what ones he would like to eat/make.
















Although it’s a relatively short list of things he helps with in the kitchen, he’s only just turned 2 and I feel these things are within the safety limits. As he grows, so will the list and I hope he enjoys food and cooking as much as his mummy and daddy do.

Even with these small tasks and activities there’s a wealth of learning going on in his little mind.

1. His listening skills are developing
2. He is following simple instructions.
3. He is developing his fine motor skills.
4. He is developing his concentration.
5. I’m introducing early math and numeracy skills (even if he is too young to understand          measurement).
6. It promotes independence and responsibilities.
7. He’s learning about different foods and what is healthy.
8. His vocabulary is extending and developing.


Flourishing Little Mind


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