The Good Dinosaur movie night

2016-03-28 16.35.40


Little Bee is still a little young to sit through a whole movie but we thought we would have a movie night anyway and he actually did really well. He was a little distracted most of the way through but watched a lot of it. He was just delighted at all the snacks on offer!

We pulled the duvet and pillows down from our bed  and used all the cushions from the sofa and made a big ‘bed’ in the middle of the living room. Little Bee seemed really excited at this new novel experience.

I put some snacks and activities together while Little Bee was having a nap in the afternoon. I brought out his dinosaur small world toys, a book and a colouring book, as well as Arlo the dinosaur he got for his birthday. I figured he would need some things to keep him occupied when he got bored of sitting.



These shortbread fossil cookies were made by pressing some of the small world dinosaurs into the dough before baking. The finer details faded out a little during baking.






We’re now looking forward to our next movie night… as I said before, Little Bee is still a little young but we still had lots of fun and he enjoyed it loads!

Flourishing Little Mind


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