Easter activities

I always find holidays and festivals a good time for inspiration for crafts and activities, both  at home and at work.

Pinterest is always overflowing with great ideas at these times and I always find myself with a list as long as my arm of things I want to do with Little Bee.

Here’s a few of the crafty things we got up to this Easter weekend:

Easter theme tuff spot

I used shredded paper and some polystyrene coloured eggs for this simple tuff spot.

I hid the eggs under the shredded paper and asked Little Bee to find them.. he  then turned and left the room and  thought the whole thing had gone down like a lead balloon, but a few minutes later he was back with a digger in hand.

He obviously anticipated some hard work and had gone for reinforcements. (also, it’s not an Easter activity without a digger right?) 

He played in this for quite a long time, although the shredded paper did end up everywhere else apart from the tray. He found all the eggs and was rather pleased with himself about it.


Bunny ball toss

This activity was a joint effort from Daddy Bee and I.

We used old paint tester pots which we had got the last time we were decorating the living room. They were laying around our spare room and so I thought we might as well use them up. We painted a large cardboard box and I cut a hole in the front, added eyes, ears and a tongue and it was ready to go.

We used ball pit balls and attempted to throw them from a distance into the bunny mouth… again they mostly ended up all over the floor but it was loads of fun.#

Little Bee wouldn’t stop giggling when trying to get them in.

This game is great for gross motor skills as it uses the whole body and in particular large arm movements when throwing the balls.

**I got the inspiration over on Hative from their great list of Easter activities.


Easter hat making

I got a hat making kit from the £1 shop and it turned out really well. the kit contained the card pieces to make the hat and we added lots of extras. Little Bee chose what he wanted to add and I stuck it on using a glue gun. I decided to use a glue gun to make sure the embellishments  stayed put when Little bee was using the hat. 


2016-03-24 08.30.28.jpg

Flourishing Little Mind


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