Little Bee turns 2!


What a day we had today! Little Bee turns 2 on Monday so we had a small get together with all his little friends and some of the family.

WELL…. Its safe to say they had a ball!

We decided to have a digger/construction theme party because Little Bee is obsessed with diggers, trucks, cranes, dump trucks, bulldozers, etc, etc.

We decided that we would use the conservatory to contain all the toys and activities and i’m glad we did because boy did they make a huge mess!! but they had such a good time.

With a little help from my mum, my sister in law and Pinterest we pulled everything together and it looked great (if I do say so myself)



Food included:

Vegan chocolate digger cake

Vegan golden syrup cupcakes

Spare tyres (Oreos)

Steering wheels (party rings)

Boulders (tea cakes)

Logs (chocolate fingers)

Cones (wafer cones)

Diesel (it was supposed to be chocolate milk but we never got around to it)

Bricks (munchies)

Fruit (in the dump truck)

There was also a ‘build a sandwich’ station


Dressing up

digger 2

I filled disposable foil trays with lentils, pasta, chickpeas and rice puffs.. these were great in theory but lasted 5 minutes before they were tipped all over the floor. There were many rescue attempts, however on the floor were where they were destined to be.



Tuff spot filled with sand and diggers.

This was a massive hit! all the kids loved playing in the sand. we were hoping to have the sand in the garden but the weather did not allow.


A little den with ALL the digger books! (we dont actually have this many digger books, we borrowed some from the local library)



Look at the mess!!

In the words of little Bee…


Flourishing Little Mind


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