Saying Thank You

When I was little I was always taught to be grateful and remember my manners. It is something I have always said I would pass onto my kids.

I really want Little Bee to grow up with good manners and always be grateful for everything that’s given to him.

This year we made some thank you cards to give to all the people who gave him gifts at Christmas. It’s such a small gesture, however it is always gratefully received.

Of course this does not need to be limited to when we receives gifts, a small thank you card for a favour done or a little note to let someone know they are appreciated is also a kind and thoughtful gesture.

The thank you cards we made for Little Bee’s gifts were decorated by him with paint and glitter and I added ‘thank you’ with stamps on the front. So simple yet so effective and it didn’t take much time at all. 2016-02-15 21.50.432016-02-15 21.51.19

Flourishing Little Mind


2 thoughts on “Saying Thank You

  1. I LOVED my thank you card! So thoughtful and I will treasure it forever! Actually only just taken it down from my living room and put it in a keepsake box. Manners cost nothing and little Bee already knows this well 😍 Xxx

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