Displaying your book advent

 So since it’s the last day of November it was decided that the nursery would be transformed into a winter wonderland!


(it’s a working progress)

The staff at the nursery decided that we would do a book advent there too and so got to wrapping 24 Christmas and wintery books in preparation for tomorrow. (December 1st)

The children helped to wrap, number and decorate the books and I made a washi tape tree on the wall to stick the books on.

The result:

2015-11-30 16.21.50

Ta Da!!

The kids loved helping and cant wait to get the first one open tomorrow!

Obviously this probably isn’t practical for doing at home, unless you don’t mind staples dotted all over the walls.

For this reason, we opted to display ours in the personalised crate we got Little Bee last year.

We actually got this to make a Christmas eve box and fill it with goodies but he’s still too young this year for that and its too pretty not to have out on display.

2015-11-30 20.35.08

Or they can simply be stacked.


 2015-11-19 08.48.13

I hope this has brought some inspiration!

Flourishing Little Mind


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