My nametags

Little Bee recently started nursery and working in a nursery myself I know all too well how often kids loose their stuff!
They loose shoes, wellingtons, jumpers, cardigans, bags, hair clips…

If it can be detached easily from their body, they will lose it. It’s almost a guarantee!

I decided therefore that I would get some name tags for Little Bee to put on all his stuff to try and reduce the chances of his belongings being lost forever!

A good friend of mine suggested a while ago and I never got around to ordering any. However once Little Bee got his start date for nursery I did a quick Google search and found the same company she had told me about.

The website is really simple to use and navigate. There are a few different options for ordering but I decided to get some ‘create your own’ tags. I simply put in his name, chose my design and opted for the colour sticker choice ( there are also black and white options as well as iron on tags).

I felt the stickers would be easy and quick to use. The website gives clear advice about what tags are best suited to what items and materials.

The delivery time was super quick and once they arrived I went to town sticking Little Bee’s name on all his belongings!

2015-11-22 20.39.36

2015-11-22 20.40.17

The tags seem to stick on pretty much any surface and they hold their stick really well! I put one on the label of his Mr Fox (his favourite soft toy) who goes everywhere with him. Mr Fox has also been through a wash cycle in the washing machine and there’s no sign of the tag coming off.

I think these little sticky tags are fab and I think ALL kids in nursery and school should get them! It would make my life so much easier!

Flourishing Little Mind

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