Another calendar!

In my previous post I mentioned that we made a book advent for Little Bee last year and I thought I would elaborate a little and provide some pictures!

This advent was really simple to put together and only took me an hour or so once I had everything together I needed.

I used the festive themed books we got Little Bee last year for Christmas as well as some borrowed from our local library. Once I had 24 books I got started on Wrapping them.

I wrapped each book individually with brown post office parcel paper and then used a silver  sharpie and a white chalk pen to write a number on each one. I wrote the numeral and wrote out the word for the number on every wrapped book.

And that’s it! So easy and simple and if you have a little bookworm like us, they will love this idea!



2015-11-19 08.50.03


Ho Ho Ho!


Now I can’t wait for December 1st!

Flourishing Little Mind

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