Advent Calendar

Due to Little Bee’s allergies we won’t be able to get him a regular chocolate advent calendar and instead of getting him a dairy free one, we decided we would make one for him this year in addition to the book one we did last year using a selection of our own books, as well as some borrowed from the library.

We were in a toy store recently and noticed that  they had boxes of small world farm vehicles for a really good price so we ended up getting them to put into his calendar, we also got some dairy free chocolate coins and a few ‘make your own’ Christmas tree decorations from hobby craft.

I have a mountain of crafty bits and pieces at home from years of craft projects and general magpie syndrome. I can never resist random sticky letters, pom poms, sequins, washi tape, colourful string and pretty much anything that sparkles! A trip to hobby craft normally requires a small bank loan! However this means I have a small treasure trove of goodies for projects such as this. So I got busy Wrapping and numbering each little gift.

I had been looking on Pinterest for homemade advent calendars and there are a tonne of ideas on there. I spied a couple I quite liked and took some ideas to create my own.

I decided that little bee’s advent calendar would hang on the wall from a stick!
Weird I know but the ones on Pinterest looked amazing!

So a trip to the woods to find a suitable stick was on the cards.. Cue pulling on our wellies and rain coats for a mini adventure in the great outdoors.

After a good gander through the woods we found a good sturdy stick to take home and clean up. Once clean and dry I wound wool around the stick to jazz it up a little. This created a nice finish although I think leaving it naked would work well too.

Once covered in wool I added the small wrapped and numbered gifts by hanging them with wool onto the stick. I also added a piece of string for hanging the calendar on the wall.

I used:

A selection of paper bags
Wrapping paper
Colour tread
Paper tags
Sticky numbers and letters
Washi tape
A big stick
Goodies for inside


Ta da.. So there you have it! Our handmade advent calendar. Perfect if you’re looking for something a little different to surprise your little one with this Christmas.

Flourishing Little Mind


2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar

  1. I love this! So pretty and far more exciting than a shop bought calander. Always looking for craft ideas to do on these wet days. Think we’ll have a go this year! Xx

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    1. I really wanted to something a bit more special this year since this will be the first year he’ll be more aware. it was really easy. It means you can adapt it to what they like too. I cant wait to see his little face each morning when he opens them. xx


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