October holidays.. Our week in photos

So.. It’s been the October week in Scotland which means Little Bee and i have both been off nursery for a week!


Daddy Bee also had a few days off at the end of the week which meant double the fun.

We’ve had quite a busy and eventful week! i feel like i need a few extra days to recover.


sunday Not a terribly exciting Sunday.. mostly just relaxing, eating, watching toy story and outside to play.



Monday octOn the way to the shop on Monday Little Bee and i came across some diggers!

Although it wasn’t terribly exciting for me, i think it made his week! definitely the highlight of his Monday. (Straight after i took this photo he fell over into that huge oil puddle at his feet! clothes ruined! doh!!)


tuesday On Tuesday we took part in #tuffspottuesday and created a space/reflection tuff spot.

Little Bee loved this play experience and is still playing with the foil boxes now!


wednesday More tuff spot fun on Wednesday with ‘flower soup’ play. I used a bunch of flowers which were past their best. instead of throwing them in the bin i cut off the flower heads and let Little Bee use them with some water and spoons.


thursday Daddy’s at home! Yipee!

Daddy Bee showing Little Bee some skills.


friday So today was a bit of an emotional day!

Little Bee’s very first real haircut! i must admit, i was almost crying when the hairdresser cut off those precious little curls. He was very sympathetic however and popped them in a little plastic bag for me to take home!

Holy moly this being a mummy is emotional business!


Saturday ‘They see me rollin’

 I love an autumnal walk in the woods! we haven’t been out on the trike for a while so he was more excited than usual to get on.

I hope everyone has had a fun week whatever you got up to.

Flourishing Little Mind


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