Tuff Spot

We recently bought a tuff spot from Wickes.. and I don’t know why we haven’t got one before now as they are so much fun! the possibilities are endless and little Bee seems to love it. He quite likes sitting in it and crawling around while he plays.

A tuff spot or cement mixing tray is a large hexagonal tray which can be placed on the floor or there are stands which can be purchased which allow raised play off the ground.

We were invited to start participating in #tuffspottuesday hosted by Adventures of Adam and we were excited to get started.

Last week was the first week we took part and the theme was nature/autumn. Little Bee and i went on a woodland walk and collected some materials to explore in the tuff spot.

we collected:

  • leaves
  • sticks
  • stones
  • pinecones


This weeks #tuffspottuesday is small world play… Here’s what we did:

We used:

  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Wheetabix
  • Lolly sicks
  • Felt
  • Trucks & Diggers
  • Stones
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Green shredded paper
  • Small world people

I arranged all the items in the tuff spot while Little Bee was at nursery and when he came home he got stuck in playing with it! he loved using the trucks and diggers for transporting the rice and lentils and he played for ages while i got dinner organised. We’re looking forward to the next #tuffspottuesday already!

Flourishing Little Mind


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