Natural play

So… We’ve had a lot on recently and I’ve not had a chance to write a post in weeks!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about natural play, both in the garden and in the home. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, little Bee LOVES playing outdoors. He’s often mesmerised with the birds flying in the sky, the swaying of branches, the scurrying of squirrels, the temptation of picking berries and most recently the falling of Autumn leaves.

We are rather fortunate to live in an area which boasts plentiful natural resources! our house is practically in the middle of the woods. Just the other day we ventured around the back of our garden and picked a tub full of brambles.

2015-09-18 19.21.24

Every other day we explore the woods and large estate at the bottom of our road.

I am a big fan of wooden toys and natural materials for play, I feel they add an extra dimension to experience and understanding of the natural world.

I have compiled a list of my 10 favourite blog posts on natural play.

  1. I love this tree branch painting idea – by Art Bar Blog
  2. Using natural materials as stampers and rollers – by Danya Banya
  3. Hammering nails into wood to make this geoboard – by stimulating learning
  4. These handmade bug hotels – by Red Ted Art
  5. Magical wands – by Go Explore Nature
  6. Nothing is more rewarding than what we found! lovely idea for displaying nature – by Tree Life Coaching
  7. Making paintbrushes – by Learn Create Love
  8. A mud kitchen recipe book – by My Little Bookcase
  9. Wind catchers for hanging in trees – by Inspiration Laboratories
  10. Sticky plastic on a window with foraged treasures – by Transform Ed

I hope these provide some inspiration for some good quality and meaningful play experiences!

Flourishing little mind


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