Balloon bashing

Going through some boxes in our spare room today I found some balloons from Little Bee’s birthday. Initially I was just going to blow them up and let him play with them. However, he has a habit of biting the balloons which results in them bursting in his face causing floods of tears and heaving sobs.

Seeing that the weather was nice outside I decided to take the balloons into the garden and tie them to the washing line. This was a huge hit with Little Bee. He ran back and forwards bashing the balloons for 15 minutes.

 2015-08-19 08.38.53

2015-08-19 bvnvcvm   2015-08-19 ss

 This is a really quick, cheap and simple activity and great for toddlers,

It promotes:

  • Physical activity
  • Balance
  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Flexibility
  • and of course, its lots of fun!

*Always supervise toddlers when doing this activity as burst balloons are a choking hazard and toddlers can get caught up tangled in the string.

Flourishing little mind


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