Outdoor play

We spend a lot of our time outdoors, it doesn’t matter the weather, we get out there and have fun.

Little Bee loves being outside, he especially loves when its monsoon weather and he gets to wear his wellies and rain coat and jump in puddles. He loves exploring the garden and smelling the flowers, looking and reaching for the trees, tipping out the rain water that gathers in pots and jars, exploring the woods next to our house, picking daisy’s, running on the grass, picking berries, going to the park and just generally being out in the fresh air.

Outdoor play is extremely important for children, they are natural learners and outdoor play provides a rich and diverse environment to learn and develop.

Outdoor play provides children:

  • Opportunity for exercise and physical movement.
  • Contact with the weather and the seasons.
  • Opportunity to develop risk assessment.
  • Experiences which can only be provided outdoors
  • First hand experiences of life cycles, growth and life.
  • Freedom and space which cannot be replicated indoors.
  • Encourages discussion and question asking.
  • Encourages imaginative play.
  • Help to develop powers of observation.
  • Helps develop the immune system.
  • Helps build confidence.

There are many benefits to children playing and learning outdoors, even on nice days we just go into the garden to read or draw. Just being in the fresh air seems to calm and settle little Bee, he’s always happy to be outside and I guess at his age, the world is such a huge place to explore and discover so why wouldn’t he love it.

Its great how such simple wonders can amuse children for hours, they really don’t need a tonne of toys and the latest gadgets. A simple walk in the park or woods will benefit a child much more than a toy could. we’re really lucky to live next to a park and woods so we get opportunities every day for this beneficial play and i’m so glad we do.  I hope little Bee grows up to appreciate nature and the outdoors as much as his mummy and daddy do.

Flourishing little mind


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