Organising Photographs

2015-08-11 20.25.36

This was the extent of our photograph organisation for well over a year, it consisted of all Little Bee’s baby photos piled high in a box in no particular order.

Around Little Bee’s birthday in March I decided it was about time to organise them in a more effective and efficient way.

This was a colossal job to say the least! I went through Dropbox and correlated the photos with the dates on the photo app.  This took me just under a week of sorting every night! (we have a lot of photos) I then had piles of photos for every month of Little Bee’s life and promptly forgot about them for 6 months!

Today i finally got around to getting some photo albums. Yay!

2015-08-11 20.24.33

Let the organising commence!

All the organising!

2015-08-11 20.28.10

I went through all the photos and wrote the month and year on the back just in-case they got mixed up again. I think this is also a good idea because if they get taken out the albums at a later date, we’ll still know when they were taken.

I then started organising the photos into the albums.. this will take a while! I’ve sorted them roughly by date but will need to go through them all and try to organise them into a more sensible order. This job however will need to wait for another day!

2015-08-11 22.48.20

I’m also in the middle of making a scrapbook for Little Bee’s first year and will need to go through the photo albums to get photos organised for that.

I love the idea of him looking through all these memories when he’s older and if he has kids he can show them too.

Flourishing little mind


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