Book of the week (27 July)

Little Bee has been obsessing over Julia Donaldson’s ‘Night monkey, Day monkey’ this week.

I find myself reading it over and over again, but never really tiring of it.

This is a cute story with adorable illustrations by Lucy Richards.

2015-08-01 20.30.33

The story is about two little monkeys, one who stays awake all night and sleeps all day and one who stays awake all day and sleeps all night. Throughout the story it seems the two monkey friends don’t have much in common because they live in such different worlds, but at they end, they discover that they both have something in common. The story is done in Julia Donaldson’s typical rhyming style which adds charm to the simple and adorable illustrations.

Although Little Bee is still too young to understand the story, I think it would be a good story to explore if a child was afraid of the dark, as it shows that night time and daytime are different but not scary in the slightest.

Little Bee has picked this book to read everyday this week and on Wednesday he made me read it four times in a row. When we first got the book he wasn’t all that interested in it, but has since changed his mind and loves it.

I wonder how many more times we’ll read it before the week’s out!

Flourishing little mind


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