Dairy free snacks.

Little B is in an unfortunate situation where he is unable to consume any kind of dairy or eggs. Poor little mite!

Anyone who has any experience with these allergies, or anyone who is super concious about what goes into our food will know that these two things are added to many processed foods.

Dairy especially, sneaks its way into so many food products and not just the obvious ones like cheese and yoghurt.

Little B has been dairy and egg free since he was only a few weeks old. From the very beginning he was unwell and unsettled, he would cry all the time, he had a bad rash, eczema, colic, and was sick a lot. I was very fortunate to have a Gp willing to listen and she recommended I start a dairy free diet and we were referred to a dietician. After cutting out dairy for only a week or so, we saw a remarkable improvement and little B was much more settled. It wasn’t until a month or so later we discovered he also has an egg allergy. Little B was breast fed until 10 months old therefore I was on a dairy/egg free diet for 10 months too. This really opened my eyes to what is added to our food and I found it much easier to make meals and snacks from scratch.

Its good to know exactly what is our food rather than a list of ingredients I can’t pronounce.

Some of our favourite snacks include:

Fresh fruit

– Hummus or bean spread

Suitable bread products (pittas, crumpets, bagels)

Rice cakes

-Healthy home-made baking 

Home-made oat bars

Sugar free cereal 

Fruit smoothies 

Dairy free yoghurt

Little B has a very healthy appetite and eats two snacks a day, he has a morning snack around 10 am and an afternoon snack around 2 pm. I always try to keep it healthy because he eats so much and i tend to keep meat and more fatty foods such as avocado for meal times.

Flourishing little mind


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