2015-06-04 20.40.17

Little Bee absolutely adores books, any kind of book really:

Bath books, board books, books with flaps, pop up books, puppet books, paperback books, soft books, travel books, big books, little books… The list goes on.

He has always loved books. I started reading to him when he was still in my tummy and even as a teenie tiny baby, he was mesmerised by the magic of books.

I have always believed that reading to children is one of the most important things we can do to help their language and cognitive development. Reading to them helps:

~increase vocabulary.

~develops listening skills.

~encourages children to ask questions.

~provides 1-1 and undivided attention for children.

~helps children understand difficult topics (with topic related books).

~exposes children to print, words and symbols.

we have always read together as a family and often find ourselves getting through countless books in a day. Books are a part of our day to day lives and something I hope little Bee will always find time for.

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