Summer bucket list


This year we’ve decided to compile a summer bucket list.

We decided to add a few things we wouldn’t normally do in our day to day lives and I’m quite excited about it.

I count the beginning of June as the beginning of summer, therefore the implementation of  our list begins in a few days!

Here is our list:

  1. Picnic by a loch.
  2. Trip to a beach.
  3. Visit to a zoo.
  4. Window paintings.
  5. Camping.
  6. Going on a bug hunt.
  7. Making mud pies in the sun.
  8. Find a suitable family show at the Edinburgh Fringe and attend.
  9. Visit the Glasgow Science museum.
  10. Ride on a steam train
  11. Make a fort.
  12. Fruit picking.
  13. Have a teddy bear picnic.
  14. Make slime.
  15. Make a water wall in garden.
  16. Plant a fruit tree.
  17. Make home-made dairy free/egg free ice cream.
  18. Make story props.
  19. Visit friends in London.
  20. Visit the transport museum.

We hope this inspires you to complete your own bucket list for the summer.

I’m super excited to get started next week! fingers crossed we can work through the 20 activities!

Flourishing little mind


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