‘But I want to win!’

2015-04-24 20.32.44-423

In recent times, the number of children in their early to mid teens being referred to educational psychologists has rocketed. Children with mental health concerns is on the increase and studies have shown that one of the reasons for this increase is pressure to perform perfectly and having no opportunity to fail. When it comes around to exam time, these children are having meltdowns and cannot cope because the pressure they feel is enormous and they’re terrified to fail.

We need to teach children that its is OK to fail and we need to support them with the conflicting feelings they feel when they do. We need to teach children how to be resilient.

Resilience is the ability to cope in stressful and adverse situations and its a very important attribute to have. Understanding that its OK to fail sets children up to become successful and confident adults.

Allowing a child to ‘win’ every time you play a competitive game, just because it makes them happy is doing them no favours. Helping a child deal with their feelings when they do fail will set them up to cope with not only failure, but also other misfortunes they may encounter in life.

After all, I’m sure we all wish for our children to achieve great things in their futures. I for one am planning to prepare Little Bee as much as i can to cope with all that life will throw at him.

Flourishing little mind


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