‘But I want to win!’

In recent times, the number of children in their early to mid teens being referred to educational psychologists has rocketed. Children with mental health concerns is on the increase and studies have shown that one of the reasons for this increase is pressure to perform perfectly and having no opportunity to fail. When it comes … Continue reading ‘But I want to win!’

The Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh are magnificent! I think we were slightly more appreciative than Little Bee however.  He was more than happy running riot round the gardens while we ambled round appreciating the beautiful sights. The extensive gardens allow plenty opportunity for energetic play and we also enjoyed a lovely picnic in the many … Continue reading The Royal Botanical Gardens

Learning independence

Ask any early years practitioner what is the most important thing a child can learn? The vast majority will tell you that independence and self help skills are top of the list. Learning how to do things for themselves opens up a whole new world of opportunities and experiences. Children should have the freedom to … Continue reading Learning independence